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Below is what has become one of the more controversial statements made on the stand of Orthodox Judaism, because  it is one of the most often misquoted.
Here is the text in it's original version. 
It was issued in March of 1997.  


             The Union of Orthodox Rabbis of the United States and Canada (Agudath Harabonim) hereby declares:  Reform and Conservative are not Judaism at all.  Their adherents are Jews, according to the Jewish Law, but their religion is not Judaism.

             (The Union of Orthodox Rabbis of The United States and Canada is the oldest Orthodox Rabbinic Organization in North America.  Its leaders and members have been and are renowned and authoritative Torah scholars.  Rabbi Moshe Feinstein, zt”l, the foremost authority on Jewish law in our time, was its president until his passing ten years ago.)

1)      The Agudath Harabonim has always been on guard against any attempt to alter, misrepresent or distort the Halacha (Jewish Law) as transmitted in the written an oral law, given by G-d through Moses on Sinai.  It has therefore, rejected recognition of Reform and Conservative movements as Judaism, or their clergy as Rabbis.  It has publicly rebuffed the claim of “three wings of Judaism.”  There is only one Judaism:  Torah Judaism.  The Reform and Conservative are not Judaism at all, but another religion.

 2)      The present declaration is not based upon a new decision in Jewish Law.  It is as old as Sinai.  It is only giving new emphasis and vehemence, sounding an alarm and warning signal, because of the new dangers wrought by the conservative and reform movements.  Their condoning of interfaith marriages, null and void conversions and homosexuality are repugnant not only to Torah Judaism, but also to common morality.  Yet, they do this in the name of “Judaism.”  

 This declaration is thus a clarion call to all, that despite their brazen usurpation of the titles “Judaism,” “Jewish Heritage,” “Jewish Tradition,” “Jewish Continuity,” Reform and Conservative are not Judaism at all.  They are outside of Torah and Outside of Judaism

 3)      Having caused havoc in the United States, leading generations of Jews toward assimilation and intermarriage, they now attempt to export their alien ideology to Israel.  By promoting pluralism in Judaism, they seek to be recognized as rabbis entitled (contrary to existing law in Israel) to carry out Rabbinical functions, such as marriage, divorce, and conversion, contrary to Torah Law.

 4)      In addition to the above, from a Torah perspective, it is imperative to support Israel’s government in their refusal to change the status quo regarding the exclusive Orthodox Rabbinic authority.  Even non-orthodox political leaders recognize that unless Jewish religious family law remains under the authority of the sole Rabbinate, the Jewish nation would be hopelessly divided.

5)      Quotations from Torah luminaries of our time on the status of the Reform and Conservative movements and their clergy:

 a)      Chief Rabbi Herzog of Israel, zt”l:  “Reform is not Judaism at all” – Dvar Halacha – Jerusalem 1956

b)      The Lubavitcher Rebbe, zt”l:  The doctrines and ideologies of the Reform and Conservative movements, can only be classed in the category of heretical movements which have plagued our people at one time or another, only to disappear eventually, having no basis in our everlasting Torah, the Torah of truth, the living Torah, Toras Emes, Toras Chaim.

 c)      Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik, zt”l:  The Karaites of the Geonic period were closer to Judaism than are the Reform of our time.

 6)      We appeal to our fellow Jew, members of the Reform and Conservative movements:   Having been falsely led to believe by heretical leaders that Reform and Conservative are legitimate branches or denominations of Judaism, we urge you to be guided by this declaration, and withdraw from your affiliation with Reform and Conservative temples and their clergy.  Do not hesitate to attend an Orthodox synagogue due to your inadequate observance of Judaism.  On the contrary, it is because of that inadequacy that you need to attend an Orthodox synagogue where you will be warmly welcomed.

7)      You, surely want your children and grand-children to remain Jewish and be qualified to marry Jews everywhere, make certain, then, to be guided by an Orthodox Rabbi in all areas of marriage, divorce, conversion, etc.

 8)      These are critical days for the State of Israel, under continuous threat by the Arabs and their allies throughout the world.   Our return to Torah, in Israel and in the diaspora, will merit us to receive G-d’s help and guidance.

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